Privacy Policy

May 2018
Go Dutch Label B.V. 

This privacy declaration explains which personal data is collected and processed and for what purpose by Go Dutch Label B.V. – Chamber of Commerce number 5388707, with its registered office in ‘s-Hertogenbosch at 5211KJ ‘s-Hertogenbosch at Gasselstraat 10. 

Contact details Go Dutch Label B.V. (hereafter referred to as “Go Dutch Label”): 

Adres: Gasselstraat 10, 5211KJ ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Telephone: 0031 (0)73 2020026 


When using the services of Go Dutch Label, visiting its website and/or contacting Go Dutch Label it may occur that you leave behind personal data at Go Dutch Label. For example, when ordering products at Go Dutch Label, requesting information, asking questions or applying for a job. This list of examples is not exhaustive. This privacy declaration applies to such situations, not limited to these situations. 

Personal data that is processed by Go Dutch Label 

Depending on the Go Dutch Label services you are using or the reason for you to contact Go Dutch Label, Go Dutch Label may process the following personal data: 

  • first name and surname;
  • sex;
  • (home) address;
  • date of birth;
  • place if birth;
  • e-mail address;
  • telephone number;
  • IBAN/bank account number;
  • company details (to the extent that these are considered as personal data);
  • position;
  • IP adres;
  • if use is being made of a (dealer) login provided by Go Dutch Label: details regarding the use of Go Dutch Label services and products that are entered there, including (but not limited to) login details (user name and password); orders placed; contact details; delivery addresses; information that is completed in an open field provided by Go Dutch Label;
  • information that you have provided to Go Dutch Label when filling in an open field or sent in an e-mail to Go Dutch Label.
  • The personal data acquired will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Personal data of people under the age of 16

Go Dutch Label has no intention to gather personal data related to those under the age of 16. Go Dutch Label will only do so if granted permission in writing from your parents, guardian or other legal representative. If you are under 16, use of the Go Dutch Label website and/or contact with Go Dutch Label is only permitted after receiving (written) authorisation from your parents, guardian or other legal representative. Go Dutch Label is unable to verify whether a person is 16 years or older. Should you, as a parent, guardian or other legal representative, discover that Go Dutch Label is gathering data related to a person for whom you are responsible and who is younger than 16, Go Dutch Label asks that you contact the company, using any of the aforementioned details, so that Go Dutch Label can remove the collected data on your request.

Purpose of data processing

Depending on the services you can or do use or the reason why have contacted Go Dutch Label, the aforementioned details will be used for one or more of the following purposes:

  • in order to carry out an agreement made with you.
  • to order products, process the order and deliver the products ordered;
  • to be able to contact you regarding an order, delivery and/or otherwise if this is necessary to perform a service;
  • to add you to our customer database;
  • to inform you of changes in our services and products;
  • for Go Dutch Label’s financial administration;
  • to send you a newsletter and/or advertising leaflet;
  • to process your questions, remarks or complaint and contact you in this regard.
  • to improve the services provided by Go Dutch Label
  • to process your job application and contact you in this regard.

Go Dutch Label will not use your personal data for any other purposes without your permission.

Sharing personal data with third parties

Go Dutch Label will not share your personal data with third parties without your permission, except in the following cases. Your details may be passed to third parties without your permission where this is necessary to perform the services required of Go Dutch Label, including but not limited to the delivery of orders placed or for reasons related to why you contacted the company. Go Dutch Label may also share your personal data with third parties if obliged to do so by law or the appropriate legislation or where this is (legally) authorised.

In the event that Go Dutch Label distributes your personal data to third parties it shall take care to ensure that these third parties respect the same level of protection and confidentiality as Go Dutch Label when it comes to your personal data and that your personal data shall not be used for other purposes than Go Dutch Label’s own purposes.

Protection of personal data

Go Dutch Label has taken the appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the personal data provided by you from abuse, loss, unauthorised access, undesired publication and unauthorised modification, use or processing.

Storage of personal data

Go Dutch Label will not store personal data any longer than strictly necessary. The length of time that the data will be stored depends on the purpose for which Go Dutch Label has collected the data and/or on the relevant legal storage times.

Your rights

Your rights include the following: the right to view, amend, add or remove your personal data; to retract your permission; and/or object to the processing of your personal data.

Where you are unable to do this yourself in the account that you hold at Go Dutch Label, you may submit the aforementioned request or objection to Go Dutch Label, by post or by e-mail to one of the aforementioned addresses. Go Dutch Label will deal with your request as quickly as possible.

In order to be certain that it is you who is making this request, Go Dutch Label may ask you to identify yourself e.g. by sending a secure copy of a valid identification document (on which sensitive information is concealed).

Amendments to the privacy declaration

Go Dutch Label is unilaterally entitled to change this privacy declaration at any time. The amended privacy declaration will be available for viewing on the Go Dutch Label website.

Go Dutch Label recommends that you regularly check the privacy declaration on its website in order to remain informed of any changes.