Our jewellery and accesories are exclusively available trough our resellers. We believe in the power of customer experience in your store as our reseller. Jewellery is eminently personal so the personal contact when buying and selling our pieces  is of the upmost importance.

Our agents come to your store and present our entire collection. They can also advise you in the displaying possibilities that are freely available. After the main order of the season, you can easily keep your collection up to date trough our B2B shop.

We offer our resellers a certain degree of exclusivity. That way we are not investing needlessly in each other and in doing so we both protect the exclusivity of the label. 

Two times per year you can expect an entire new collection of jewellery – sometimes complemented by other accessories. You choose the models and styles that best fit your store and your clientele. The prices of our jewellery ranges from € 2,95 to € 24,95 RRP. 

Don’t hesitate and contact us today for an endless world of possibilities!